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Our key approach with any new customer and project is to look at how, when and where they use energy; then move to looking at better ways to manage their energy use and costs in a structured process which can be described as follows:

Preliminary Energy Audits

This is the first step in developing an energy conservation program. These types of audits include a brief site survey or “walk-through” of the facilities.  The report includes a description of potential energy conservation measures (ECM’s), a range of rand savings expected, and an estimate of the capital investment required.  This first step helps both the customer and ZAMORI determine if there is a program worth developing.

Comprehensive Energy Audits

Comprehensive Energy Audits are considered investment grade audits because they provide sufficient information to obtain project financing. The purpose of this audit is to identify, quantify, and prioritize every viable savings opportunity within each facility.

Engineering Design

After both the Preliminary Energy Audits and Comprehensive Energy Audit have been completed, reviewed and accepted, the selected energy conservation measures (ECM’s) are engineered.

All drawings are produced and specifications are developed. ZAMORI will continuously liaise with the customer to determine the most appropriate design packages for the facility.

Construction Management

During the construction phase of the project, ZAMORI can provide construction management supervision and act as a liaison between the client and contractors. ZAMORI will ensure that construction processes and installed equipment are compatible with the energy saving goals described in the Comprehensive Energy Audit. ZAMORI will attend  site meetings and provide minutes of the meetings, monitor actual construction progress compared to the agreed upon construction schedules, review and approve contractor variation orders, review and approve shop drawings, and coordinate work with other traders or contractors.

Post Construction Management

After construction has been completed and the client has accepted beneficial use of the installed systems, ZAMORI can provide post construction services.  These services include verification of projected energy savings and training for personnel on the operation of installed equipment.

Verification of energy savings depends on the type of verification approach established in the Comprehensive Energy Audit.

Maintenance of the installed technology to ensure sustained savings.

In a Nut Shell

  • We are energy efficiency management service providers.
  • Through many years of experience we have devised proven methods of saving our clients electrical energy and money.
  • We believe that we should only be paid what we deserve based on performance and that our clients should not be at risk.
  • We will train, assist and see you through this process.
  • We are committed to our client’s best interest.

By outsourcing energy systems services, end users make a cultural decision to rely on proven capabilities available in the marketplace and can refocus efforts to achieve financial goals in investing their energy in their core function and field of expertise.

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