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Head Office: 012 543 3487

Core Competencies

Our Services

Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Corporate energy management
Electricity account auditing and tracking services
Electrical maintenance services
Mechanical maintenance services
Occupational health and safety advisory and incident
Facility management
Preliminary and comprehensive audits
Mobile emergency generator
Project finance sourcing
Construction and post construction management
Project management
Cablefault point (HT & LT) which are inclusive of : Cable repairs & cable routing

Electrical Engineering Includes

Electrical supplies, Main and Sub-main distribution Electrical metering installations, HT Switchgear maintenance, LT Switchgear maintenance, Stand-by generation, Energy saving design and implementation, UPS system,Lighting protection, Electrical construction and maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering Includes

Heating systems, Ventilation systems, Air-conditioning systems(heat pumps), Drainage systems, Hot water systems, Cold water systems, Pressurized water systems, Irrigation, Compressed air, Steam, Aircraft refuelling Systems(repairing & servicing), Aircraft hanger doors(repairing & servicing),Mechanical construction and maintenance.

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